A Kiss For The Petals


It’s cute.

Aside from some discordantly lewd dialogue at the start, this kinetic VN is 110% fluff, with not an H or an ecchi in sight. Rather, it focuses on the emotional side of the budding relationship between the two main girls, with what is actually a pretty good depiction of a teenager’s first real crush. Every line is voiced (JP) and the artwork is very pretty, with a surprising amount of CGs during important moments. It all ends rather abruptly though and I actually had to go back and check I hadn’t accidentally skipped a chapter. There’s also a few moments in the story where the perspective changes without any real indication, which can be pretty jarring- especially later on, when it happens twice in the same scene.

Fin or Bin:

Well, I actually did finish it, so… Fin, for sure. It’s short, cute, and fun, fluffy as heck, and brought up some laughs.

(Steam link)

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