Couple things to note!

  • While playing through Tales Of Zestiria, the sheer incomprehensible amount of battle-engine terminology and tooltip instructions has been getting incresingly wearisome. I have no idea what 90% of the terminology it’s using at me even means, especially given none of it seems to make much difference. To top it all off, while travelling to the next dungeon I aptparently accidentally fought some kind of miniboss, which looked just like any other monster I could have encountered in the wild, which killed my entire party in a single hit and I had to reload from my last save. Yeah, no thanks, entirely random “haha fuck you you’re dead” has no place in an RPG or my life. It’s Binned.
  • On the flipside of the coin though, Robot Roller Derby Disco Dodgeball was binned with the caveat that I might fish it out once in a while just to burn a couple of games. Well, that’s been happening increasingly frequently to the point where I kinda have to reneg on the Binning and instead call it a Fin. (I should perhaps give it the alternate title Win since it’s still just gonna be a Sometimes thing and I’m never really gonna be Finished with it? This backlog challenge thing isn’t an exact science, whatever)
  • Also I’ve decided that, once I’ve got the backlog down to zero, I’m going to revisit the list of Binned games and see if they deserve a second chance now they aren’t competing with 80 other games for my time. I think a few of them might emerge from the murky depths of the Bin if they get to fight on their own terms. We’ll see!
  • Finally, due to my inability to refuse a great sale or a free game, two new games have been added to the backlog. Dragon Commander which had a 90% off sale on Steam recently and has been on my wishlist since before it was released, and Satellite Reign which was given out free on Humble and looks 100% like exactly my kind of game.

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