Ace Attorney: Investigations

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I’m a big fan of the Ace Attorney series, having played every entry except this one (and its Japan-only sequel). As a series of visual novels, there’s not a great deal to explore in terms of whether or not it’s for me- if you like 6 of the other games, it’s a reasonable bet that you’ll like a seventh.

This one flips the series around and lts you play from the prosecution side. It’s just different enough to be notable while still keeping the basic gameplay intact- the argument/rebuttal system is just a reskin of the testimony/cross-examination system from the main games, and the exploartion element is the same in spirit (though moving around the room as a playable sprite is fun).

Fin or Bin?

I’ve finished all the others and this one feels right at home with those. I see no reason at all I wouldn’t Finish this one too.

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