Rockets Rockets Rockets


Random Random Random.

Rockets3 is a shallow dogfighting game that’s spretty much a ‘download with your roommates, play it for one evening, then forget about it’ experience. It’s only bot matches and there’s not even really anything substantial to that.

The players move far too fast and are far too small for there to be any kind of skill to the game, the superior tactic to be to simply spray your weapons everywhere and hope for a lucky hit. To add to this, the camera zooms in and out as players move closer and further away, with no upper or lower limit- it’s quite nauseating and unpleasant to watch, again especially given the speed the players might zoom past each other.

Fin or Bin:

In the hour I played it I somehow managed to get 81% of the achievements, which I consider a job well done. Get in the Bin.

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