Tiny Thief

Bit of a departure this one- I’m not really one for phone games, since I prefer to have some physical buttons to press (LLSIF being the one major exception). My brother recommended this to me about 4 years ago and it’s been sat dormant on my phone ever since.

It’s an interactive puzzle game where the goal is to guide Tiny Thief to a certain object, steal it, and escape without being noticed. This involves interacting with the level elements in the right way to set up a path in and a path out, and find some bonus treasures along the way. The artstyle is charming and well-animated and I haven’t encountered anything super frustrating yet, with guard’s movements all being telegraphed well ahead of time so you’re never caught unaware.

Fin or Bin:

This is a perfect little game to play for the ten minutes it takes to get to work every day, and I’m sure I’ll Finish it eventually.

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