I know, I know, it’s criminal that I’ve never played this one. As a dirty european, I never had the chance until the SNES Mini came out.

It sure has a whole lot of personality. It’s one of the most off-beat, eccentric games I’ve played, but it manages to avoid the feeling of “lol so whacky and random” that a lot of kooky media has.

Early game seems to be a bit grindy, but I think that’ll change once I have more than one party member. Until then, though, taking four critical hits in a row is aggravating, and when I died to one I was about to call it quits until I saw I had kept all of my Exp to that point.

Fin or Bin:

Even though it’s a blatant Undertale rip-off, I can see why it’s such a cult fave. I think it’d be hard to recommend to people who weren’t around at the time, but I was- so I’m going to Finish it.

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