Dysfunctional Systems


Another visual novel. I sure bought a lot of these things considering I can never convince myself to start them, huh? Just a cursory glance over my Steam backlog shows there’s another three or four waiting for their turn.

Right off the bat- the protagonist is annoying. Not necessarily a negative; she’s a fourteen year-old girl and fourteen year-olds are annoying (source: I was one). Taken in that context, her characterisation is convincingly written, but nonetheless I feel like a good 1/3 of her lines could be stripped out without really losing anything.

She and Cyrus are Mediators, who travel to paralel/alternate worlds (the game hasn’t actually fully explained this yet) in order to balance chaotic events happening in them- war, and the like. They restore order, but not necessarily in a heroic way, Cyrus’ plan in this case being to assassinate someone.

Fin or Bin:

I was feeling a little disinterested on this one right up to the point it dropped a bomb (in a sense, literally) and the tension suddenly ramped up real high. I’ll be Finishing at least one branch of the story- there are apparently two distinct endings to reach, and depending on how the first resolves I may or may not try the second one.

Recommended to:

I can’t stress enough how annoying Winter is, and you should also know that there’s a sequel in development-hell at the moment and it looks like it’ll never see the light of day. I don’t know if this one ends on a cliffhanger, but if it does, be ready to never see it resolved. If you can stomach all of that, and VNs are your thing, this one’s at a cheerful enough price-point that it’s worth a crack.


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