Fire Emblem: Echoes


I’m kind of cheating with this one. I bought it as a reward for getting my backlog down to fewer than 50 games, and also as one last expensive treat before I go to see Mimorin perform in California (!). It never really went onto my backlog as I started playing it immediately, and I’ve certainly given it more than one hour, but I figured I’d write something about it anyway.

I’m a big fan of the series, my favourite being FE7 which was the first title released in the west. Echoes is a remake of the second Fire Emblem game, released way back in the NES days… and it feels like it, in a lot of ways.

The series was still in its infancy back then and there were a lot of decisions made that didn’t quite pan out right. This is understandable in a Famicom title, but the series has come a long way since then, and the faithfulness Echoes shows to its ancestor is pretty jarring. Unbreakable weapons, archers who have a range spanning 5+ tiles, magic is free, no unit ever has magic resistance, enemies who can summon more enemies (again, basically free) every turn so you can’t get close… there’s a lot of wonky stuff on display and I wonder if more should have been done to modernise it.

I’m still having a fun time- it’s still FE at the end of the day and I’m thoroughly hooked. The characters are largely a fun bunch (although for the love of crikey, Mae, please STOP TALKING) and I’ve completely fallen in love with Clair.

Fin or Bin:

I’ve already played more than an hour which automatically puts it in the Finish camp, but I do intend to complete this one. It’s ccurrently my least favourite FE and I don’t know if I’d play it again once I’m done with it though.

Recommended to:

If you’ve never played Fire Emblem, get Awakening first. If you’ve played all the others, you’ll like this one.

Rocket League

I’m not a fan of car games, and I’m not a fan of football games, and I’m not a fan of online multiplayer games, so this seemed like the easiest Bin ever.

So why can’t I stop PLAYING IT

Rocket League treats the laws of physics more like suggestions than rules, and it works really well. Sure, cars can double jump. Three-point turn on a wall? Sure. Holding boost while doing a backflip lets you fly? Of course!

I’ve only played with bots so far, and I definitely feel like it’d be a blast with real peeps, but beyond Team Fortress 2 I’ve never stepped into the murky world of online random matches. I’ll wanna play with friends I know before I do that.

Fin or Bin:

One thing I’ve already noticed is there’s a lack of variety. The arenas all seem to be essentially identical mechanically, and I don’t know how long the standard ‘soccar’ game mode can hold my attention without some variance in the way it works- obstacles, different objectives, anything. That was what kept me playing TF2 for over 3000 hours, and it will determine how long it takes me to be Finished with Rocket League.

Recommended To:

A lot of people probably got this free with their graphics card (me too!) and immediately decided it wasn’ their kind of thing (me too!). I would say, if you already own it by some method, definitely give it the hour of play. Otherwise, worth the jump if you have friends you can play with, and could possibly be a huge timesink online if you enjoy that.