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Badass lady with a sword, Fin, next game

Developed by a student team of 8, this 30 minute prototype sees Adalia coming home from ten years of swashbuckling to find her house overrun by jerks. She’s not really the “talk it through over a cup of tea” type of gal, so a heaping pile of swift fencing is the order of the day.

It’s a prototype so expectations need to be tempered somewhat, but the core combat gameplay shows some promise. The basic moves are a little shallow, but it’s augmented a lot by the furniture being physics-enabled. Kicking over a shelving unit to land on some jerk, then running across it to barrel down on the jerk behind him is very satisfying and the dodge-parry-counter swordplay is frenetic when there’s a lot of enemies to dodge-parry-counter.

Fin or Bin:

It’s over and done with in 30 minutes, and it’s an entertaining first look at a game that could be pretty great. It’s a Fin, and hopefully we’ll see more of it one day.

(Free download)

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