Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Please Mr Sakurai, get some sleep

This is another one that kinda feels like cheating- there is obviously no way I’m going to end up Binning this game. I have fond memories of getting Brawl on release day after months of hype (it came out on my final day of college! How lucky is that!?) and Ultimate wasn’t any different. I pre-purchased it so I could play it 00:01 release night.

I’m not much of an online player or a multiplayer kind of person, so I like a robust single player experience. I skipped SSB4 for that reason. I’m glad to be brought back into the fold with a ridiculous 74-character roster to unlock and a baffling 1,287 spirits to find too.

One important point to note is that Zelda is very, very cute this time. She’s based on her Link between Worlds incarnation, which is one of my all-time favourite games.

Fin or Bin:

Silly question.
It’ll take a LONG time to Finish all the single-player stuff.

I haven’t unlocked my boy Metaknight yet, but once I do I’ll be ready for some online rumbles.

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