Mega Man (NES, the first one)


This doesn’t really count for the BBLC, but it’s been a while since I started a new game. Smash has taken up the entirety of my time since its release, but I did find time to play this.

Part of my new years’ resolutions in 2019 was to play each of the main-series Mega Man games to completion, one each month. I’ve never REALLY played any of them before, aside from some brief tooling around, and people speak very highly of them all. Since it never went onto my backlog I didn’t really consider it part of the challenge, BUT it’s a game I played that I haven’t played before, and the police aren’t going to arrest me for bending my own rules are they?

I’ll keep most of these brief. I bought the two Mega Man Collections on Steam and I’m playing it that way- emulation seems to be pretty accurate even down to sprite flickering and slowdown which is neat. The first game has all the jank you’d expect from the NES debut of a series, and a fair few BS parts (Ice Man’s stage can kindly eat a shit). Nonetheless, the core of the gameplay is right and I’m looking forward to seeing how the series adapts and evolves over time. One thing I found myself doing was relying almost entirely on the default weapon. Some of the weapons I barely used at all, which is surprising considering that’s the main gimmick of the series. Maybe they’ll lean harder into that in later games?

Fin or Bin:

Wait, what are those sirens…? You’ll never take me alive!!!

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