A Story About My Uncle


I was a little lazy about writing this one up, so uh, spoilers… I already Finished it. I know, I’m dragging the sanctity of this blog through the mud here.

I’m trying to think of a game ASAMU is similar to and I’m kinda struggling. It’s a series of first-person platforming challenges featuring sweeping chasms which must be conquered with the power of the Grapple Beam. Free-floating islands and lil asteroids pepper the skies as you swing from checkpoint to checkpoint. The grapple beam also pulls you toward whatever you’ve grappled on to, so there’s a learning curve for someone more used to the grapple beam of Metroid fame; you can’t just Tarzan your way across but must make use of your upward momentum to strafe around your current target and propel towards the next one.

It’s a 3-hour affair, which is good as the puzzles definitely get weaker as the game goes on- the short scope means things end just before they get stale. Especially once you get the jet boot upgrade the platforming becomes a lot less clean-cut and there were several instances where I was apparently able to bypass elements of a puzzle entirely. (There’s an optional Time Trial mode so it’s possible the bits I skipped were just faster paths through for more experienced players? Not sure.)

Fin or Bin:

The story’s cute and it can be pretty exhilarating to get through one of the trickier puzzles. Definitely worth the 3 hour investment it took to Finish it.


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