Invisible Inc.

It’s an isometric cyberpunk sneaky tactics game by the same fine folks who made Mark Of The Ninja. It plays somewhat similarly to ancient classics Space Crusade and Heroquest (which sadly are the most recent examples I can think of). I thought it had a story campaign, but the missions are actually randomised… and an alarm went off in my head:

“This is a rogue-like!”

Offended, I immediately shut it down and consigned it to the bin. But…

I got the bug, bad. I’ve played 4 hours of it already and I’m hooked.

Invisible Inc. gets raided by The Corporations and its agents are scattered to the winds. Invisible’s AI datacentre can only last on backup power for 72 hours, so the remaining agents must race against time to regroup and build up their firepower for a raid against The Corps to hijack a server powerful enough to get their AI up and running again.

After the training mission, you’re presented with a small selection of random missions, each of which will bolster your reserves in some way- be it a prison compound housing one of your captured agents who will join your team upon rescue, or a cybernetics laboratory which houses equipment you can use to augment your agents.

Each destination has a travel time, so there’s more at stake than just consdering what kind of boon would be most beneficial to your team. Getting a new agent would be great, but it is worth spending 12 of the 72 hours to get there, or better to spend 6 raiding a nearby weapons facility?

Campaigns are hugely customisable for difficulty too, making guards more or less alert, increasing or reducing the amount of time they can be knocked out for, size and complexity of maps… it’s endless (and Endless Mode is one of the options too).

Fin or Bin:

I’m in the final six hours of my first campaign, played on baby mode because I still don’t like rogue-likes. I intend to Finish this run- not sure yet if I’ll play another immediately after, but I’m confident I’ll be coming back to Invisible Inc over the next few years.


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