Disc Room

Been knocking these out lately. Had a string of Bins and very short Fins
one after the other. It feels like I’m making a lot of progress, but
the growing shadows of XCOM, FFX-2, and Dragon Commander, looming over
the horizon and an ever-present threat to my free time, are getting hard
to ignore. So, here’s Disc Room, a game about not getting killed for 30

I mean, everything you need to know about the game is right there in the screenshot. Circular saws fly around the arena, and it’s your unhappy job to stay alive. How did our intrepid protagonist find themselves in such a predicament? We may never know. The lore of Disc Room has yet to reveal itself.

Fin or Bin:

20 levels, and 5 Endless modes, this Touhou veteran managed to see everything within the hour. I didn’t get 100%, but I don’t feel much need to. It’s a fun toy, but I’m Finished with it.

(Only available through Humble Monthly, but the OST is rad)

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