Sniper Elite V2

It wasn’t the strongest start.

I pretty much only knew this game as ‘the game that shows in graphic detail what happens when you shoot a man in the bollocks’, since that’s kind of its USP, but ultragraphic violence aside- here’s a fairly decent stealth-em-up with an emphasis on sniping, which happens to be my favourite way of approaching most shooters.

The sniping has realistic ballistics, meaning you need to lead your shots and account for wind and distance when aiming. It’s all very impressive, and when you line up a shot perfectly you get treated to a cinematic slow motion bullet-cam scene of your bullet impacting and then exiting your victim. It’s kind of gross and gratuitous, and interrupts the flow of gameplay a lot during a firefight, and I very quickly turned it off.

The stealth is pretty weak. Enemy soldiers have psychic powers and once one sees you (bearing in mind these guys could probably spot you from space) everyone knows where you are. Excepted from this are the enemy snipers, who just automatically know where you are but for some reason never let their buddies know about it.

Fin or Bin:

I am enjoying the sniping, though. (Un)fortunately the glitch in the video above has only occured one time, so hopefully that was just a really unlucky random chance and the game isn’t actually that buggy. I guess I’ll find out- this one’s a Fin.

(Steam – Only the remastered version is available any more, which isn’t what I’m playing)

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