Punch Out!!

As previously discussed, I’ve started streaming my first hour of gameplay! I’m still new at this so expect a lot of errors (hey, I recorded it at the wrong resolution, it’s not going to get worse than that). The focus is always going to be on this blog here, so if you’re not into streams at all no worries.

I’ve also started a Discord to facilitate discussion and sharing of backlog miseries, plus a Patreon tip jar if you like what I do. Would be neat to expand this little project a little!

But for now here’s Punch Out, specifically the Mr Dream version rather than the Mike Tyson version. If you’re interested in the history of this franchise, I strongly recommend watching Jeremy Parish’s NES Works video on it.

I played the sequel Super Punch Out a very long time ago and didn’t really understand what I was doing- approaching it more as a standard brawler than the puzzle game it actually is. Little Mac is a tiny, tiny man, who has to fight smart rather than hard if he wants to stand a chance at the Title.

I actually prefer it this way- having to learn how to spot opponents’ tells and openings is the kind of gameplay I enjoy (very prevalent in Ys, for example). It’s very satisfying to finally work out how to beat an opponent that you’ve been struggling with and watch them go down in one round.

Something else I’ve noticed is how good the translation effort is. Doc Lewis gives subtle hints on how to beat each opponent between rounds (if you survive that long), far more useful than the “EASTMOST PENNINSULA IS THE SECRET”-style of non-hint often found in games of the era.

Fin or Bin:

We’re starting the new era of BBLC off strongly, then! If only I knew anything at all about boxing, I could come up with a great pun for this Fin.

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