Contraption Maker

My very first PC was a Packard-Bell prebuild, with 266mhz of processing power, 32MB of RAM, and a slew of pre-installed games. Among them was Professor Tim’s Incredible Machine, altough I’m not sure if it was supposed to be, since it didn’t come with a disk and the manual didn’t mention it. Anyway, the physics puzzles contained within were a little beyond 10 year old Beebs, but it was a title I would revisit multiple times through my life, having a little more success each time.

I did have a lot of fun in its sandbox mode, mostly with the explosive devices and feeding Mel Schlemming to the crocodile. Ah, those halcyon, borderline-sociopathic days of youth…

Anyway, Professor Tim got the team back together for one last Rube-Goldberg machine and created Contraption Maker, a spiritual successor to the older title developed by the same peeps. It’s very authentic- aside from an unfortunate but inevitable mobile app overhaul of the graphics, everything is as it should be, with only a small handful of new items to deal with. (And zombies. Because every game has to have zombies now.)

Fin or Bin:

I typically have very little patience for puzzle games, and usually drop out not long after the going gets tough. Contraption Maker isn’t there yet, though, and while I’m confident I won’t Finish the whole thing, I’ve got some puzzle-solving left in me yet.


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