Hey, I read your answer to that anon about Death’s Gambit. I played the game recently and I just wanted to add that if you don’t want to recover the feathers, you could always use them to increase your damage. You don’t lose them that way, and you can use Gaia’s leaves to heal. I usually had all feathers increasing my power unless I had to fight a really hard boss, in which I took like half of them to heal and the others to increase my power.I played Acolyte of Death (which means more save points because I figured I would die a lot in that first run, which I certainly did xD). I ended that first run with around 50 finesse, 30 intelligence (for the 3rd scythe skill), 25 endurance (to be able to dodge and attack more) and some vitality. I don’t know about the other classes that are in the game, but I quite enjoyed playing as Acolyte, so I recommend it to new players. I’m thinking of picking up the game again when the expansion comes, since I heard they’re adding lots of new talents, bosses, upgrades and more lore.


But if I boost my strength then I can’t heal 🙁 Lol I think this game just simply isn’t for me. I’ve made my peace with the fact, as sad as I was at the time- it’s beautiful and very finely crafted. I feel like I’m missing out on something, but! If you’re not having fun with a game there’s no need to keep playing it. That’s the key lesson I’ve taken from running this challenge, and as a result I’m enjoying my hobby much more.

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