Readers of a certain generation, think back to your school days. Teacher got the laptops out for this lesson, which meant one thing- playing flash games on Newgrounds for an hour and minimising the window every time Teacher got close.

Window-minimising excepted, Ballistick is exactly the kind of thing you’d usually end up playing.

As I was rolling the dice to determine my next game, I opined aloud that I felt sorry for the game which had to follow Pyre, a game which burrowed its way into my soul and has remained on my mind long after I’d finished it. In some way, having judged the book by its cover, I was glad of what the dice gave me.

That’s probably unfair to Ballistick, which despite looking and playing like a flash game from 15 years ago (coincidentally, that’s apparently when development started) has some decent thought put into it. There’s stealth and cover mechanics implemented and mission objectives beyond the Kill Them All shown above.

Fin or Bin:

Unfortunately, it’s still a flash game in spirit. It’s entertaining enough to distract from Mrs Thompson’s wasted efforts to teach us what LLCs are, but that’s a tremendously low bar. Considering Newgrounds still exists with a whole glut of these kinds of games for Absolutely $0, I just don’t see myself ever casting my eye over Ballistick again, even for nostalgia’s sake. Bin!