Cherry Tree High School Comedy Club


Here’s a game I tried to play a loooong time ago, accidentally messed up because I didn’t understand it, gave up and resolved to try again another day.

CTHCC is, I guess, a visual novel, but there’s a lot of grinding to do too. You have to increase your social skills in various topics to convince an array of misfits to join your comedy club. You can only talk to each potential member about a certain topic one time, so it’s best to save their favourite topics for later when you’ve had chance to develop your skill in that topic better. The game doesn’t give you any indication of what topics are best for each person, however (although some of them can be guessed on context- the girl with a dog loves talking about animals, eg) and if you accidentally use their best topic before you have any skill developed… too bad, try again in New Game Plus.

The micromanagement involved, along with having to manage fatigue, money, and homework levels along the way, is a little too much for me to be bothered with. None of the recruitable characters particularly excite me (with a couple of them actively repulsing me and I don’t WANT to recruit them)…

…And the biggest crime of all- the prissy rich blonde girl CAN’T be recruited!

Fin or Bin:

Didn’t you read that last sentence? The standout obvious best character can’t be recruited, so what’s even the POINT?????

(Steam link)

(Side note: I also own the sequel, titled ‘I! My! Girls!’, which is apparently a far more straightforward visual novel without the management sim aspects. That said, it doesn’t really make much sense to play that if I don’t finish this one, so I’ll be taking that off the backlog too.)