Divinity: Dragon Commander


The King is dead! And apparently was a promiscuous ol’ bastard when he was alive, as all of his sons and daughters now fight for his vacated throne. Along his path of merry conquests, he apparently managed to bonk a dragon, and so was the player character born- half human, half dragon, all tactician.

Half 4X, half RTS, it’s a weird mashup with both parts feeling a little half-baked. The world map overview is controlled in a turn-based 4X manner, but any battles are resolved in RTS mode, with the units from the game board being transformed into armies. It doesn’t work the other way around though, which I suppose makes sense, since you could endlessly stall the end of a battle while you build countless new units and then bring those into the 4X mode, but it’s a shame nonetheless that the RTS mode feels like it doesn’t matter much.

What the RTS part does have in its favour is the ability to fly around the map as a fricken dragon with a fricken jetpack. (Why does a dragon need a jetpack, you ask, foolish in your ignorance- the answer, clear as day, is because it’s cool.) Dragon mode kinda makes the battles trivial, as I entered into a full-scale battle with one single unit against an army, was given a strategic 1% chance of victory, and then proceded to sweep the map clear with acid breath. …Yeah, the RTS parts are a little weak.

Fin or Bin:

I played a little more than the allotted 1 hour, which I guess technically makes this a fin, but with both halves of the game feeling flimsy I’m not totally sold on this one. Under my self-imposed rules, a 50/50 situation falls in favour of the Bin, but it’s going into what I’m calling the Recycle Bin- for games that can have a second chance once the backlog is complete.