I considered writing this post entirely in emojis, to imitate Ellipsis’ complete lack of text.

This is one of those games that people look at and immediately think “Beebs wants to play this”. Simple-as-it-gets gameplay, levels that are finished in seconds, and a high skill threshold coupled with a blisteringly-fast turnaround so you’re never kept waiting for Just One More Try.

As mentioned, there’s no text in the game, with everything learned on the fly. New elements get introduced every few levels right up until the end, and it rarely takes more than two or three encounters to figure out what’s up. Blue good, red bad. Triangles bad. Lasers bad. Bombs bad (unless they’re blue!). And so on.

I actually managed to finish it within the hour of play, to my own definition of ‘finished’. Each level has a Star ranking for people who like to go back and perfect their play- that’s not my scene, and thankfully Ellipsis doesn’t require it.

Fin or Bin:

Tumblr doesn’t support emojis. Fin!