Full Throttle (Remastered)

Listen. Alright? Don’t judge me. This is an oldskool LucasArts adventure game, and I’ve been playing games long enough to know what that means. It means I can either spend hours trying to figure out that I have to combine the [Radiator Key] with the [Broken Umbrella] and show it to [The Doctor] but only AFTER I’ve already switched on three of the four ventillator fans (accessible through a two-pixel-wide hidden panel) so he’ll give me the [Broken Radio], or I can have UHS open in a tab behind the game window and actually have fun.

So here’s Full Throttle, a game I never played but heard a lot about Back In The Day due to having a best friend obsessed with it. It’s the remastered version, which besides the obvious graphical upgrade also includes a few nice quality-of-life additions- key among them the ability to highlight any objects on the screen which can be interacted with. (No more scouring every pixel with the mouse for that tiny and invisible control panel!)

Ben, leader of biker gang The Polecats, has his entire gang stolen from under him by some corporate jerks and gets left for dead in a dumpster. Understandably upset by this turn of events, Ben eschews the writing of a stern letter to their corporate HQ in favour of hunting them down himself atop his sweet, sweet ride.

Fin or Bin:

The biker’s life has always held an appeal to me, and after an hour of play, the completion meter was already at 33%. Sure, I’ll Finish this one, if only to placate Mike 20 years ago.