I am a big time fan of Metroid games, and it’s pretty apparent that so are the guys behind Guacamelee!. It’s a metroidvania title, but you could happily omit the -vania from that- there’s subtle references to all kinda of games throughout Guacamelee’s incredibly colourful world, but the upgrades literally come from Chozo statues. It’s pretty jarring to see such a blatant and direct reference to a game with such a starkly different tone.

This ‘vania title is more combat-heavy than usual, with a fun and crunchy combat system that flies along at breakneck pace. It can get a little chaotic, but fights are over before you know it and Juan’s off to the next platforming section before the pinata confetti has even had chance to settle.

Fin or Bin:

Me estoy divirtiendo, y lo Terminaré.