This game is stylish as hell

In the near retrofuture, three rival gangs of punk-ass kids battle for control of the streets- against each other, and also the incredibly unrestrained police force (who are more than happy to deploy SWAT teams and tear gas on a kid for spraying graffitti one time).

It’s stylish in a way that is hard for someone like me to describe, with my absolute lack of style or street cred. It’s got a similar feel to it as Splatoon, I guess?

While I am already enamoured with the presentation, gameplay leaves me a little cold. I don’t think the controls are bad, necessarily, but they take a lot of getting used to (longer than the hour I gave it). There’s also no real indication of where you’re supposed to go next, with objective markers only appearing when you get in sight of them.

Fin or Bin:

Argh, this one is probably the toughest call I’ve had to make. I want to give it more time, but also I’m really not feeling like it’s going to get better… I’ve decided I will put it in the Bin for now, but off to the side and wrapped in a plastic bag so I can take it back out later and give it another go once I’ve cleared down my backlog. It’s a definite candidate for rescue.

Recommended To:

The presentation is what sells this one- if you want to play something that’s not quite like anything else you’ve played, and is definitely cooler than you are, pick this one up.