Steam Sales!

It’s time once more for the annual backloggening, and the root cause of why this blog exists in the first place- Steam Summer Sale is upon us for 2018. And, since the BBacklog Challenge is all about unearthing hidden gems and playing great games that might otherwise go unplayed, I wanted to share some BBLC faves that I would highly recommend you pick up if you can.

Tadpole Treble (60% discount at $1.99)

I can’t praise this one highly enough, and months later I still catch myself singing the final boss song in my head (YES MA’AM). You’ll be smiling ear to ear all the way through, and there’s a decent amount of content for completonists. If you only buy one game in this year’s sale, make it Tadpole Treble.

Shuuten / Retro Game Crunch (90% discount at $0.99)

A dollar for Shuuten is a total steal already, and you’ll get 6 other interesting games along with it. Shuuten is a neat little STG that will take a couple of hours to get through (longer if you’re less STG-inclined). The other games might be of interest, but Shuuten is the star of the show personally.

KLANG (75% discount at $3.74)

It’s the second rhythm game on this short list, but it couldn’t be further removed from Tadpole Treble’s cute charms. Klang is stylish, rockin’, badass, and HARD. But once you get the rhythms down everything just seems to work and you’ll feel like the coolest tuning-fork-swordsmonkey that ever lived.



I never expected to be playing a rhythm-action brawler/platformer, but here we are. Klang’s ultra-stylish aesthetic and tunes mesh with the gameplay to provide something not quite like anything else I’ve ever played before.

It’s an absolute treat to look at, with contrasting neon blues and oranges accenting everything in Klang’s world as he fights a musical battle against… something. I’m not really sure what the plot is, being conveyed in wordless cutscenes dripping with style. The combat is the most satisfying part of Klang, but you definitely want a controller with analogue sticks for it.

All the tunes are electro dancey type stuff, the genre of which I’m not sure of (and is probably a nebulous thing to try and define regardless), by reknowned EDM artist bLiNd. In the screenshot above, Klang is being attacked by a dubstep cannon. It’s awesome.

Fin or Bin:

Fin, and highly recommended to others who are interested. I’m having a great time so far. Reports are that it’s kinda short (3-4 hours) but there’s score attack achievements for people who want to push for a perfect game.

(Steam link)