Lambda Wars

Couple of important things to note-

-It’s a community-made RTS mod based in the Half Life universe which is free to download for anyone who owns Half Life 2 (which, if you have a Steam account, is probably you), so regardless of any other opinions expressed here I totally think you should check it out.

-It’s also currently in Beta and constantly being worked on and updated, so anything I mention here might well be outdated within a short space of time. Again, I encourage anyone remotely interested in the concept to give them an hour of your time and try it out.

With all that being said-

Ostensibly, I enjoy RTS games. I like building a base, managing resources, constructing an army, and combatting an enemy. The trouble is I’m pretty bloody awful at doing any of those things, and will struggle against even a low-difficulty enemy. The end result is that I feel like I’m enjoying a game only to be absolutely steamrolled and end up not actually having a good time at all.

It bears repeating- these posts are not reviews in the traditional sense. My failure to have a good time with a game is not necessarily indicative of how good the game is(n’t). I cannot and do not intend to be objective on this blog.

You’ve likely inferred what I’m getting at. I’m going to Bin this, but I don’t think it’s a bad game. I think I’m a bad player. I’ll mention some things I noticed that may or may not sway you towards or away from the game-

The tech tree is shallow, leading to a very rapid match pace. You’re already in position very early on to start building up your forces and running skirmishes. I prefer a slower pace, but YMMV.

There also isn’t much single player content to enjoy here- no campaign mode, just PvE matches against scalable AI opponents. I’m pretty much exclusively a single-player kind of person, which is another factor leading to my decision.

Fin or Bin:

After two rounds of skirmish against an AI, I’d given it all the time I needed to. Almost apologetically, I’m Binning it, but if RTS is your thing, throw them some attention. They’re working hard on it.