Just Cause 2

If you take all of those completely nonsensical, laws-of-physics-assaulting action scenes from action films, boil them down and somehow condense them into a cohesive and playable video game, you have Just Cause 2.

The crux of the gameplay centres around the grappling hook, a tool with surprisingly long range and infinite use with which you can launch yourself around and over any structure in the world. No more taking potshots at sniper nests- aim at the wall behind them, grapple right in, and punch their lights out.

The story focuses on liberating an oppressed island state by causing as much chaos and social unrest as possible, and there’s some other stuff too, but honestly who cares? Within the first hour I’d already grappled onto an attack helicopter, thrown the pilot out, hijacked it, and used it to demolish a military compound. That wasn’t even my mission!

Fin or Bin:

It’s a huge open world game and the travel between missions where there’s nothing going on really seems to drag in comparison to how bombastic the rest of the gameplay is, but there’s still plenty to do. I can’t imagine I’ll get 100% because there’s entirely too much to do, but I’m not Finished with it yet.