Strike Suit Zero

It really feels like there should be a colon in the title somewhere, but apparently there is not.

I got Strike: Suit: Zero from the Humble Monthly Trove, and the first part of the game is figuring out how to open it, with no installer or anything beyond just a dump of the game files. (The game .exe is in the Binary folder. Spoilers.) It’s a space dogfighting sim involving the mighty Earth Republic battling against all those pesky Colonial Rebels. I kinda feel like I’m playing the bad guy? Anyway, some space guff goes down, and player pilot Adams is gifted the eponymous Strike Suit, a spaceship which can turn into a mech with advanced capabilities and is also impossible to control.

The controls, actually, are bad across the board. Not terrible, but definitely some eyebrow-raising decisions were made during Strike-Suit: Zero’s development. Left trigger speeds up, left bumper slows down? Left trigger and left analogue stick pressed together engages boosters?? X and B both target enemies but in different ways? The EMP, whch is used a lot, is on Y, but Transform which is rarely used is on A??? (These are X360 controls, btw. SNES arrangement might actually work better.)

Fin or Bin:

I’m not completely down on it, ‘cos it’s still fun despite the flaws. The Steam reviews for Strike! Suit*Zero? all seem to agree on a 7/10 score, I‘d more lean towards 6/10. I don’t engage with the story though- being a galaxy-spanning empire is only fun in 4X games where I’ve earned it through brutal peace-making and terrible trade deals. Let the colonials have their independence, and put Earth in the (Recycle) Bin.