Metroid: Rogue Dawn


If you’re not familiar with the original NES Metroid, go look up some screenshots or videos for a minute, then come back. That’s important, because this is a romhack, and you need to know how mindboggling that is.

Romhacks are supposed to just be graphical changes and a re-arranged map! This is madness! They’ve added slopes, and new upgrades, and a fully-functional map interface, and atmospheric effects like the rain shown above! How!?

A fan-made prequel to the first Metroid, Rogue Dawn is played from the antagonist’s POV, and shows how Ridley first came into posession of the Metroids. (Spoiler- he sent the player to do it.)

It’s an incredible piece of work, and I would imagine the amount of effort that went into it would probably be enough to produce a full game by itself.

Fin or Bin:

The most impressive part is how they’ve managed to turn Metroid into an actually good game. (Listen, don’t @ me. OG Metroid has aged horrendously and isn’t any fun at all. It’s historically significant, but that doesn’t mean it’s good.) Considering this and AM2R, it seems Metroid fans are on another level. I’d be doing them a disservice if I didn’t Finish this one.