Metal Gear Solid 4


Metal Gear!??!?!????!?!???!?!!??!?!??!???!?!??!?!?!?

I enjoyed MGS2 to death, never played the first one, and never managed to finish the third, so I’m not sure if I’m really an MGS fan or not.

The fourth game is immediately confusing to me as all the controls are different, even though you can do the same basic moves. I keep punching instead of shooting, and since the punch no longer leads into an easy 1-2-KO combo this is BAD. There seems to be a much stronger emphasis on combat this time rather than stealth, or maybe I just suck at stealth… speaking of which, the auto-camo is cool, but I have no idea how it works mechanically. The indicator says I’m 85% camouflaged- so there’s a 15% chance to be seen? How often is this rolled? In what circumstances does that 85% come into play? Can I play a perfect game and still get an unlucky 15% roll or doesn’t it work like that? It’s confusing and it doesn’t seem to be explained anywhere. It’s just 85%.

Fin or Bin:

I’m not entirely sure yet if I’m enjoying the game, but I want to give it more of a chance as many of the problems I’m having so far are more down to me than the game. That said, although I’ve played through MGS2 probably 20 times or more, I’ll probably Finish this one just the one time.