Nier: Automata


I’ve heard many great things about Near A Tomato but I don’t know any actual details, so I’m able to go into this one mostly blind. I certainly wasn’t expecting it to be an STG/RPG hybrid, which was a pleasant surprise as a fan of both of those genres.

Tubey and her friend Ninus are robots who fight other robots. Or, something. The game starts in medias res and I haven’t got far enough yet to make any real sense of what’s happening. However, in the first hour of gameplay, I literally ripped off a robot’s arm and beat it to death with it, which is pretty much the strongest opening in video game history.

Fin or Bin:

Considering the way Tubes and Ninesy talk about the other robots as deserving destruction and being “just machines” I’m anticipating that the story is going to be heavily centred around the concept of identity, which I’m sure is going to make me cry at least 934 times. Thankfully combat is fluid and bombastic enough that I can pretend it’s just the visuals burning into my eyes. Looking forward to Finishing this one.