Professor Layton and the Lost Future

It’s the third game in the series, and really nothing’s changed. Luke and Layton solve another set of really-quite-clever puzzles in a sort-of steampunk version of London, this time solving the mystery of the Prime Minister’s disappearance. Luke receives a letter purporting to be from his future self, and the duo find themselves accidentally transported through time. It’s complete nonsense as usual, but entertaining nonsense.

The best part of these games is how much of a dick Layton is. His soft-spoken and gentlemanly-worded insults towards Luke are as cutting as ever. Be assured, “that certainly would be an interesting solution Luke” is British English for “you’re a moron and I’m amazed you can remember to breathe”.

Fin or Bin:

I 100% finished the first one, and did most of the second. As long as there aren’t too many tangrams (ugh) or sliding puzzles (UGH) in this one, there’s no reason I won’t Finish this one too.