“Portal clone!” you immediately shriek upon seeing the first screenshot, and while that’s an entirely fair comparison to make, it’s not a fair dismissal. QUBE tells a far darker story than Portal- or, rather, a less humourous one; while I don’t think anyone was ever in doubt that Glados was our enemy, the allegiance of the nameless overseer in QUBE is far more ambiguous.

Portal had its Portal Gun, and so QUBE has its Cube Gloves (not the official name but I like it), with which our silent amnesiac protagonist can manipulate certain elements of his environment to create a solution and open up the next puzzle chamber. It’s a very familiar set up, but ultimately it comes down to the quality of the puzzles- which have impressed so far, with only one puzzle at the end of my hour being a little too precious on its timing.

Fin or Bin:

I’m not often one for puzzle games as I get frustrated pretty quickly, but this has so far been the right speed for me, and I’m enjoying the story. The voice acting in particular is superb. F.I.N!