Stealth Inc 2

Formerly known as Stealth Bastard, there’s not been much stealth but there’s plenty of bastard.

It’s a puzzle platformer with more than a little Portal thrown into the mix, as a snarky overseer taunts and chides you as you complete tests in a laboratory. The puzzles are tricky but have so far been just the right level of difficulty for me to enjoy them. Less enjoyable is the open-world metroid-like lobby between levels, as I have no idea where I’m going or *can* go yet.

There’s an ever-present indicator of how visible you are, which is based only on the amount of light around you- you can happily walk past an enemy so long as you’re both in shadow. The relevance of this is surprisingly rare in a game with Stealth in the title, with maybe two or three instances of having to be sneaky coming up in my hour session. Maybe it’ll become more important later on?

Fin or Bin:

I doubt I’ll go for the 100% completion targets of finding all the hidden clone buddies, and I definitely don’t care about getting high scores or ranks on each level, but I’ll Finish the main campaign.

(Steam link– important note for achievement hunters, one of the achievements is currently impossible to get as the server for community-made levels is offline)