Burly Men At Sea


This one’s not for me, but I think a few of my friends would have a good time with it, and it’d be a wonderful game to play with a young child.

A confusing and mostly-blank treasure map takes three Burly Men out to Sea for a low-stakes story book adventure. There are branching paths to take or not take based on your actions, and each run through takes about 20 minutes.

One very charming thing about the game, which sadly is no longer an option, was the ability to have the story you create printed as an actual book. That’s a really neat idea- it’d be cool to see that happen more often with child-friendly story games like this one.

Fin or Bin:

I finished one run, and I feel like that’ll do it for me, but I’m going to mark it as a Fin because I have positive feelings about it. The $10 asking price is pretty steep unless you’re likely to make multiple runs, though.