Supergiant Games created Bastion, one of my all-time favourites, as well as Transistor, which was also fantastic, if a little less my kind of thing. Pyre has some significant pedigree to live up to as their third title, and also I’d bet pound to a penny that it’s gonna make me sob.

All the Supergiant hallmarks are here- the artstyle and somewhat eccentric presentation, the soundtrack, and hundreds of little snippets of lore that can be happily ignored if you so choose. Conspicuously absent is the narration of Logan Cunningham, who insteads takes the role of whoever it is overseeing The Rites- a kind of spiritual soccer where a player’s aura can temporarily knock an opponent out of the game.

There’s a lot of controls and I’m currently getting a little overwhelmed by my options during matches, where a split second decision counts for a lot. It’s all very responsive however- that’s certainly user error, and a learning curve is to be expected when freedom is on the line.

Fin or Bin:

I was a little dubious of the direction Pyre took during development, sports games not being my thing at all. But, the Supergiant-ness of it all is more than enough to keep me going until the Finish.