Tales Of Zestiria


It’s wonky.

I mean the dialogue. It’s hard to explain, but it all feels very off-kilter. It’s like each line was written without the context of those around it, so although one line kinda leads into the next, it just doesn’t flow well. The voice-acting was definitely done this way, too- its not unusual for that to be the case, but coupled with the already-awkward text it stands out a lot more. Intonations are off.

I can’t comment too much on the battle system or other gameplay mechanics- it’s all pretty complex and one hour of intro cutscenes isn’t long enough to get to grips with it. Seems fine.

Fin or Bin:

I’m a sucker for a lengthy RPG, and I’ve played Tales Of Symphonia through four times before. Despite the fact the lead character in this one is called Sorey and that’s a terrible bad awful name and I hate it, I’ll still Finish the game.

UPDATE: Got killed by an enemy that, by all appearances, was a normal enemy but was actually some kind of miniboss, got killed, had to reload. I don’t have time for that. Bin!

(Steam link– I got it in a Humble bundle though)