Waking Mars

Writers take note! This is important.

If you’re adding a character whose main trait is ‘they are annoying’, you really need to be careful. If more than half of the interactions they have with the other characters is “You’re annoying!” “Yep :)”, you need to expect that maybe the player is going to think the same thing. Nudging the player and saying “wow, that character sure is irritating, huh?” doesn’t actually do anything to make them less irritating.

Ugh. Right. Humans discover life on Mars and so they and their stupid useless idiot computer travel on up there to check it out. Somewhere between plant and animal (as the AI keeps telling me), these creatures maintain a very delicate ecobalance beneath the surface. As humans are wont to do, our guys go in and ruin everything, getting themselves stranded in the process as the entire cavern system collapses in on itself, leaving us buried miles underground with only our utterly insufferable worthless dirtbag AI companion to keep us company.

The only way out is apparently by fighting fire with fire- carefully cultivating one species or dooming another to change the ecosystem’s balance in a given area until a new pathway opens up. It’s an almost zen process; you can take a step back and watch the domino-effect of your interference propogate throughout, or you can get your hands dirty and take direct action to only grow what you want grown.

Fin or Bin:

Unfortunately, what could have been a pretty relaxing experience akin to watching a garden grow at an accelerated pace is ruined by awful and constant interruptions from that utter skidmark of an AI companion, whose dialogue mostly consists of repeating what the other characters already said or just interjecting with faux-technical nonsense. I don’t get it! He adds nothing! Did no one tell you during development to just Bin him!?