Tower Of Guns

Famously(?), I don’t have any stomach for roguelikes. ‘Play for as long as you can until you die then do it again with different loadouts’ doesn’t entice me whatsoever, and couple that with random level layouts and random item drops make for a game you can’t learn or anticipate which, for me, is a huge turn off. Add prefab rooms, with the same layouts, and the same puzzles, in the same places… Yeah, rogue-likes and procedural generation are immediate turn-offs for me.

Oh. Well.

Not that I mean to imply Tower Of Guns has any particular depth. It pretty much does exactly what it says on the tin. There’s a tower, it’s full of guns, climb the tower and shoot the guns.

Fin or Bin:

I’m not at all versed enough in the way these games work to know if this is a good attempt at making one. If Unreal Tournament crossed with Torchlight sounds like a good time, you’ll probably like it. For me, it’s going in the Bin.