Trace Vector

Trying to convey Trace Vector in a screenshot is an impossible task, so I’ve put the trailer up instead. Let me tell you a story…

I bought this game in December of 2016, during the annual Winter Sale. I’d wanted it for a long time, mostly enamoured by the OST (and also, if you watch the trailer, it might as well just say “BB Wants To Play This Game”). I managed to play a couple of hours of it, and then I had to move to America to live without a computer for 6 months while I got married.

At the time I was very much into collecting achievements and increasing my achievement percentage which Steam so prominently displays on my profile, and the achievements for this game are hard to get. So much so that, when I finally had a real computer again, I didn’t want to play it. I knew I’d be having a bad time ramming against the same levels over and over to get the fuel cells, most of which I didn’t actually need in order to beat the game. I knew I’d end up hating Trace Vector because of it, so I didn’t even want to give myself the chance.

I came to realise that my achievement score was actually a significant roadblock in playing any of my backlog- if I didn’t enjoy a game, it’d lower my percentage, so I’d have to play it through regardless. It was a mentality that I needed to break- hence the birth of this very blog, and a shedding of my quest for achievements. I’ll still look through what achievements a game offers and if they seem fun I’ll still try to get them, but I’m allowing myself to call BS on anything I don’t want to do. I’m having a lot more fun this way!

Fin or Bin:

So, returning to Trace Vector with a new goal in mind, I’ll definitely be FInishing it. The music is superb, and I especially enjoy how it builds up as you progress through the levels. The gameplay is tough as nails but absolutely my kind of thing, and it’s telling a neat little story between levels too.

Recommended To:

If you like blisteringly fast arcade thrills, look no further. The OST is worth the purchase by itself- it’s been on my playlist since before I bought the game.