Trick And Treat


Horror-themed, but a little too cute to just be called Horror, Trick And Treat is a freebie puzzle/exploration game. You play Amelia, maid to Lady Charlotte, on her first halloween spent trick-or-treating. Right from the offset it’s clear that something’s not normal about Amelia, and indeed she is woefully naive about horror tropes as she explores the haunted mansion in search of Charlotte. The puzzles aren’t super taxing but they’re fun, and there’s some real neat trickery in the way the game’s been designed- for example, the screenshot above, showing two rooms- depending on which one you’re currently in, the other will appear bloody and ruined while the one you’re in appears normal. It’s a pretty cool way for the player to know something’s up without Amelia ever realising it.

Amelia herself is very cute. Her halloween outfit is just a pumpkin on her head because she likes them. That’s cute.

Fin or Bin:

I cheated a little and went back to Finish this one already, before I did my write-up. Playing through Trick And Treat made me glad I’m doing the BBLC as I’d never have gotten around to it if I hadn’t been.

Recommended to:

Anyone who can stomach some light horror. It’s an interesting story, it’ll take about 90 minutes of your time, and it’s free.

(Steam link)