Sonic And SEGA All-Stars Racing

This is the Steam version, since apparently no two releases are quite alike. This is also the first game in the series, and not the sequel Sonic etc Racing Transformed, which I actually consider to be the best of the mascot racers (even including the one which immediately springs to mind).

So, it’s Mario Kart but SEGA, right? More or less. I’m petty sure I’ve done this game a disservice by playing the utterly fantastic sequel first, because it feels very light in content in comparison and it all feels a little cheaply put together. It’s still a fine game, but compared to its successor, ‘fine’ doesn’t cut it. Transformed is packed to the rafters with fandom nods and extra content, while this one’s very barebones.

Fin or Bin:

I was tempted to finish the Missions mode, which gives you little extra challenges to complete besides racing… but then half of those turned out just to be races anyway, and that got dull fast. Much the same way you probably won’t go back to play Mario Kart Wii once you have Mario Kart 8, do yourself a favour and grab the exemplary Sonic Racing Transformed, and Bin this one.