Hell Yeah! Wrath Of The Dead Rabbit

I’m a survivor of the ‘lol i’m so random xD’ edgelord days of the internet, where cartoonish hyperviolence and wacky non-sequiturs reigned supreme. I mean, it was better than it is now, but being reminded of those days still hurts.

What I’m saying is, Hell Yeah hurts.

Rolling in like someone boiled down all of Newgrounds and Kongegate in 2007, and smeared the resultant paste over a basically-fine metroidvania-lite, I probably would have loved this when I was 18. It’s bloody and gory and violent, all presented in that Invader Zim/Nickelodeon style which somehow made it better.

The humour’s on par too, with lots of not-quite-swearing, and even some fourth-wall breaking ‘haha because videogames’ jokes threwn about. I dunno, it was made in 2012, were those jokes funny back then? If they were, then the intervening years have been unkind. They’re just kind of exhausting now.

Fin or Bin:

The one saving grace that kept me interested was the genuinely impressive creativity shown in the monster deaths. If I’d stopped after 59 minutes this might have been a Fin on the back of those… but unfortunately, as I was wrapping up, I found a repeat- and the game lost its USP. Much like the way I feel when I reminisce on my teenage edgelord days, it belongs in the Bin.