I’m getting real Earthbound, Undertale, and AnUntitledStory vibes from this one, which should only be read as a positive statement. It’s full of little moments that just make you smile, and it wholeheartedly revels in eccentricity without ever falling prey to the elbow-nudging “wow, that sure was weird, huh????” that a lot of trying-too-hard media falls foul of.

A metroidvania-lite with twinstick shooting combat, Wuppo seems to loosely be a story about depression. Wum starts the game at 0/100 happiness and does nothing but eat ice cream all day, until one day they make too much mess and get evicted. So begins an adventure that will see them… well, I don’t know yet. Within the first hour, I got back into my home, but that’s apparently only the start.

Fin or Bin:

Created by two people over a very long stretch of time, Wuppo is a total passion project and it shows. I’ve been trying my hardest to avoid using this word through this post, but damnit- it’s charming. Gonna Finish it!